About us

Company Description

Apex is a research, development and engineering company established in 2006 by Nir Barkai and Mark Shahar, delivering innovative solutions to core industrial, startup ventures and entrepreneurs.

Apex’s experienced and diverse staff provides complete and concurrent engineering, to help find solutions to the ‘nearly impossible’ design challenges.

Our engineers are experts in the multi disciplinary product development market. 

Our key personnel have the knowledge and proven experience, which is the base for providing workable solutions and making dreams a reality. 

We manage entire projects, from initial concept through the design and prototype phases

 of requirements, design documents and implementation, all the way to the final product delivery.

As entrepreneurs, we understand that persistence is everything, so we are always happy to assist our customers in their IP strategy.

Apex R&D is very experienced in achieving regulatory certification for our clients, and is constantly working with local and international accredited laboratories on electric, environmental, MR compatibility, and biological standards (CE, FDA, UL, TUV etc.).

Apex’s management directs engineering resources to meet project and program demands, based on the needs of our customers.

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Mark Shahar

During his 21 year professional career Mark worked in 2 ventilator companies as mechanical R&D manager and R&D manager. Founded several biomedical companies (Laparoscopy,Lung physiology, Orthophedic).

Specializes in Physiological signal processing, biomechanics, noise reduction and thermal design.

Supervising and training teams of engineers and designers in a teamwork environment of more than 200 projects. His main field of work involves simulations of mechanical stress, vibration, thermodynamics and multi phase flow.

Holds an MSc. in Aerospace Engineering and in Biomedical Engineering from The Technion SII.

Nir Barkai

During his 25 years of experience, Nir worked in several Biomedical device companies specializing in cardiovascular implants, laser technology and biological laboratory equipment. He served as the R&D manager of Solidimension for 5 years.

Holds a BSc  in Mechanical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University. Nir is an expert in micro mechanics, control systems, design for plastic injection, multi functional systems and algorithm design. Specializes in minimally invasive biomedical device engineering.

Hands on experience in numerous projects requiring ultra fast transfer to production, and scaling up production series.